I’ve been considering migrating my games at least partially to LEDs

The technology has improved greatly over the last few years since they were initially introduced for use in pinball machines. Particularly where older pins not designed for them are concerned.

My thoughts fall into the following catagories:


  • The introduction of Frosted dome bulbs helps with the hot glare points.
  • Much lower power consumption – GI and playfield lighting can be your biggest power draw.
  • Less heat output – protects valuable game resources.
  • Colors – Colored LEDs below playfield inserts can really brighten up a game and enhance the feel


  • The bright light points can be VERY annoying – particularly on playfield GI where the bulb is visible to the naked eye.
  • Old LEDs didn’t have the same light dispersion directional control as bulbs.
  • Light can be very harsh – bulbs are a softer yellow light that our eyes are accustomed to seeing
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