Dr. Dude


Dr Dude

November, 1990

  • Flippers(2)
  • Ramp (1)
  • Two Ball Multiball
  • Vertical Up Kicker(2)
  • Spinner(1)
  • Habitrail(2)
  • Magnet(1)

Notable Toys

  • eXcellent Ray
  • Big Shot
  • Mix Master


I used to go bowling at Century Lanes in Guam all the time, and one of my favorite parts was the very large arcade in they had in the 90’s.  Arcades had largely disappeared by this time, but the bowling alley here had dozens of games and pinball machines.

I loved the goofy theme and 80’s-esq idea that you could collect the elements of coolness and become more of a Dude. I was always happy when a previous player left the Dude-o-Meter near the top. That and I always was driven to try to earn a Gajillion points.

This game is the first I would like to try out with LEDs – with so many bright reds, yellows, greens, and blues i think with these comic book colors  would possibly be the best candidate of my entire collection.

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