September, 1972


  • 4 Players
  • Flippers(2)
  • Pop Bumpers (4)
  • Kick-Out Holes (3)
  • Captive Ball Spinner – Roulette Wheel
  • Left Outlane Kickback
  • Right Outlane Gate
  • Electro Mechanical
  • Chimes

Notable Toys

  • Roulette Wheel
  • 4th Pop Bumper between the flippers

Awesome tacky 70’s pop neon colors. The non-standard flipper placement gives room for the center pop bumper  – it is possible to bounce a ball going out of play back into play.

The most fun part of the game is the roulette wheel. Bonus advance, and Bonus collect (possibly multiplied bonus), and activates other game features.

Unfortunately for me whoever owned the game prior to me had made a gift of it to Earthlink – and the body has been covered over with yellow house paint and the Earthlink logo.  I have partially removed the paint, but not finished it – but the original artwork appears to be intact under all the yellow!

The pictures are from the IPDB until I can get some new ones taken.


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