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May, 1978

  • Williams System 3
  • Flippers (4) – Dual action flippers
  • Pop bumpers (3)
  • Standup targets (4)
  • Kick-out holes (2)
  • Ball kickers (2)
  • 4-bank drop targets (1)
  • Swinging target (1)
  • Horseshoe lane (1)
  • Up-post between flippers

Dual action flippers activate the lowest flipper on a side with a partial press of the flipper button, and both flippers on a side by fully depressing the flipper button. There is no guard to prevent the ball from falling between the flippers which requires skill and attention to manage consistently.

Maintenance / Cleaning / Repair Project List


I originally purchased this game as part of a large lot of machines. It was a project machine for me in that I had 2 full cabinets, 2 head units, and 3 playfields.  I was able to put together a complete playfield, and kept the best of the two backglasses that I had.

I have since sold the remainders to other collectors – there was more than enough to make a second complete pinball machine.

I used to play this game as a child – the flippers were interesting and challenging. The replacement of the side slingshots that are standard for most modern era pins with a slot and auto shooter for swinging target. This mechanism entertained me as a child.

I sold this game to my good friend Alex in 2014.  I’m glad it has come to rest in a loving home.

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