Dolly – 44/47 Swap

Ran out of bulbs so have a temporary mix of 44 / 47 bulbs –

Purchase #47 bulbs to finish this and have enough on hand for other games. [Or look into LEDs]

Update 6/6/16 – I was able to acquire some very affordable LED’s recently. I will be replacing ALL the 44’s with LED’s.

Dolly – New Feet

Replace foot component on the legs of the Dolly Parton Pin.  Current are rusted through leaving raw bolt end on the ground.

Dolly – Polish

Lay a couple coats of hardshell wax down to protect the playfield

Dolly – Top Kickout Saucer

Switch is depressed so low can’t activate

Replace/repair –

This has been fixed – switch was adjusted and works consistently.


Dolly – Switches

Following switches are not registering:

In Lanes

Out Lanes

500 point target


Top left 10pt behind rubber


*My hope this is a row/column problem and will be easily addressable.

4/18/16 – verify this problem using Alltek board.

Dolly Parton Cleaning

Dolly Parton Backglass
  1. Remove playfield glass
  2. Evaluate Effort
    Pre-Cleaning Dolly Playfield

    • VERY dirty – unable to see much of the original paint
    • Appears to be some white mold
  3. Remove playfield plastics
    Multiplier Plastic
  4. Remove rubber rings
  5. Remove top layer of grime
    Drop Target Pre-Clean
  6. Wipe playfield with Naptha remove cleaning product residue

Next is to get the playfield waxed and rings installed.

Here are some samples of the results of this effort:

Multiplier Plastic Dirty

Multiplier Plastic Dirty

Multiplier Plastic Clean

Multiplier plastic after cleaning

Dirty Dolly Detail

Dirty Dolly Detail

Dolly Detail Clean

Dolly Detail Clean

Pre-Cleaning Dolly Playfield

Pre-Cleaning Dolly Playfield

Playfield Clean

Playfield after cleaning

Pre-Cleaning Upper Left

Pre-Cleaning Upper Left

Top Left Clean

Top Left Clean