Mentally There… and my ongoing Arcade Repair

I’m now terribly happy I put together this blog.

After trying so hard with the Dolly MPU board and being so annoyed at the dramatic failure my efforts returned I found I was not in the mood to work on my machines for a few days.

Then I got distracted and a few days became a few months.  And this is where my happiness starts – I have an exact record of what I identified on each arcade game and pinball machine, and happily I don’t have to re-discover the issues on each one.  THIS is huge on projects with potentially so many pieces to manage.

And now that I’m about over my pride and annoyance at the failure with Dolly; I find myself ready to start thinking about doing more to bring things to life again.

So, HOPEFULLY in the next week or two after these next guests come through I’ll be ready to get back into the swing of things.


Find instructions for my arcade game Missile Command CPU board – or how-to troubleshoot it.  I’m thinking it is the power section that I should start with anyway and go through it logically.  It would be ohhhhh so much easier if I actually understood electronics somewhat…  😉 But I’m a dynamo at following instructions. If I could find a diagram that breaks down the sections of the board perhaps.  A picture with grouped items outlined – Power, Ram, Video, IO, etc – this would make it easier for me to discuss what I’m looking at on any given day.

A friend told me there was a ‘bullet proofing’ guide for ATARI games of this era (1979ish) regarding the power systems.  I wonder if that would provide me the guidance I need – any readers familiar with this?

Thanks those of you who have been patient and still are tracking at all what I’ve been trying to do.